Libon Soumah, a talented Year 10 student at St Mary’s Catholic College, recently won the prestigious Edith Hemingway Award for Young Musicians Trust in the North West region. This remarkable achievement, accompanied by an £800 prize, highlights Libon’s exceptional musicianship and dedication.

Libon Soumah stood out among competitors to win the Edith Hemingway Award, recognising his extraordinary talent and commitment to music. This prestigious accolade showcases Libon’s remarkable abilities and sets him on a path to success.

Libon plans to use the prize money to enhance his musical journey. He aims to purchase a better looper for his guitar and some new drum heads and equipment. These investments will elevate his performances and allow him to explore new creative possibilities.

For Libon, music is a means to evoke deep emotions in others. Whether through his compositions or live performances, he aspires to create a lasting impact on his listeners. Libon’s ability to connect with people on an emotional level exemplifies his exceptional talent.

Libon acknowledges the support he has received from his music teacher, Mr. Faithful, and his musically inclined family. Their unwavering encouragement has nurtured his talent and contributed to his growth as a musician.

Applying for the Edith Hemingway Award involved answering questions about personal background, aspirations, and the impact of the prize money. Libon’s submission included captivating videos showcasing his musical prowess and explaining how the award would further his musical endeavors.

Libon’s journey as a young musician is marked by exceptional talent, dedication, and support from mentors and family. His recent achievement and passion for music make him an inspiration for aspiring artists. With the recognition he has gained and continued support, Libon is poised for a bright future in the music industry. We extend our congratulations and wish him the best on his remarkable journey.

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