Welcome to St Bernard’s. We are very proud of our school and what we offer. St Bernard’s is a place where faith, values, learning & creativity come together as one. We are passionate about new learning and are committed to giving the best experience possible to our children and families. Teachers work hard to create exciting and innovative lessons and working with partners, we provide an inspirational curriculum to help your child thrive. 

At St Bernard’s our Catholic character is centered upon Gospel Values and the children and staff alike strive to make the knowledge and love of God part of everyday life. We provide an environment where children can ‘grow, love and learn following Jesus’ embedding values and characteristics to develop the whole person as well as embed the Catholic Faith.

The children take part in daily prayer and worship which they share ownership of, planning and leading parts themselves. Each session concludes with an action that shows how we can ‘Go Forth’ and how our understanding of God’s message can be used in our daily lives.

Each class has its own focal point and display that demonstrates the importance of God’s Word, our own thoughts and prayers.

St. Bernard’s RC Primary,

Sherbourne Road, Ellesmere Port,

Cheshire, CH65 5EW

0151 355 2047