We are delighted to present a remarkable art piece that graces the walls of St Mary’s Catholic College. Renowned local artist, Brezaux, has masterfully crafted a captivating depiction of Our Lady, showcasing a harmonious fusion of modern and traditional styles. Join us as we delve into the artistic process behind this extraordinary artwork and explore Brezaux’s vision, which has left a lasting impact on the Trust’s collective spirit.

Brezaux approached the project with a distinct vision, aiming to create a compelling portrayal of Our Lady that seamlessly blends contemporary and traditional elements. Some research and careful curation of online inspiration allowed him to craft an image that commands attention. Notably, the vibrant blue background serves as a focal point, capturing the viewer’s gaze and emphasising the central figure.

Brezaux employed a unique technique known as the doodle grid (or chicken scratch) to transfer his vision. Though initially perplexing, the seemingly random doodles served as an integral part of the creative process. By overlaying a transparent grid of the desired image, the doodle grid acted as a guiding map, enabling Brezaux to accurately recreate the artwork on a larger scale.

With a lifelong passion for art, Brezaux’s journey has included a fusion of traditional techniques and contemporary mediums. His artistic talent was recognised and nurtured during his formative years by a dedicated teacher. Pursuing a fine art degree further refined his skills. Surprisingly, a commission by Dan Davies introduced Brezaux to the world of street art and spray painting. Today, he seamlessly combines both brushwork and spray painting techniques, resulting in captivating and engaging artworks.

Bringing Our Lady to Life:

Brezaux identifies the interplay between the vibrant blue background and the meticulously shaded face of Our Lady as the highlight of the artwork. This deliberate contrast breathes life into the piece, emanating a radiant glow that resonates with viewers on multiple levels.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Artists:

Beyond creating a visually stunning masterpiece, Brezaux’s aspirations for this artwork extend to inspiring young art enthusiasts within the Holy Family Catholic Multi Academy Trust. By showcasing the limitless possibilities of artistic expression, he aims to ignite their passion and encourage them to explore their creative potential. Brezaux firmly believes that art possesses the power to communicate profound messages, and he hopes to instill this sentiment in the students who encounter his masterpiece.

The awe-inspiring artwork of Our Lady, expertly painted by local artist Brezaux on the walls of St Mary’s Catholic College, stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of modern and traditional styles. Brezaux’s meticulous approach and dedication have resulted in a visually stunning depiction that captivates the viewer’s gaze. We anticipate that this remarkable artwork will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of St Mary’s but also serve as a catalyst for young artists to explore their own creative journeys and find inspiration in the transformative power of art. Within the Holy Family Catholic Multi Academy Trust, this extraordinary artwork symbolises the enduring spirit of creativity and expression.

We hope this artwork will be loved by the Wallasey community and the Trust. It should be a beacon of love for all and be a symbol of pride and inspiration. Through its vibrant colours and intricate designs, this artwork will bring joy and happiness to those who view it. It is a reminder of the beauty and wonder that exists in our world, and will be a reminder of the importance of love and community. This artwork will be a reminder of the importance of collaboration and the power of unity to bring us closer together. We hope that this artwork will be a source of joy and pride for all who view it.



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