We are thrilled to share the great progress of our students from The Element following their first couple of sessions at 2 Brothers Muay Thai Gym. This remarkable opportunity, made possible by the Weapons Down Gloves Up initiative, has truly been a transformative experience for our students.

Not only did they have the chance to train at a renowned facility, but they were also privileged to meet Joe Ryan, the current WMO & ISKA Muay Thai World champion. Such encounters with inspiring figures serve as a testament to the potential and talent within our student body.

The Weapons Down Gloves Up initiative plays a crucial role in empowering young adults by providing them with employment opportunities they might not otherwise have access to. By offering support to individuals from challenging backgrounds, such as those affected by family issues or mental health struggles, this initiative is instrumental in fostering positive role models and instilling values of respect and self-worth.

At The Element Resource, we are immensely proud of our students and grateful for initiatives like Weapons Down Gloves Up that continue to make a positive impact on our community. Together, we can nurture talent, provide opportunities, and inspire a brighter future for all.


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