What a fantastic day it was on October 20th when the staff of our Trust came together for a remarkable event filled with formation, inspiration, and transformation. This special gathering served as a celebration of our shared culture across all our schools. The event left our teams feeling inspired and energised, reminding us of the incredible power of professional development in the field of education. Additionally, our young people had the opportunity to deliver on their experiences of education and their collaboration with the Creativity Collaborative, further enriching the event.

The day began with a captivating presentation by David Wells, an esteemed speaker, who set the tone for the event. David’s expertise in formation brought everyone together, emphasising the importance of a unified approach to education within our Trust. His insights and strategies provided a solid foundation for the day, encouraging us to reflect on our work and the impact we have on our students’ lives and each other. Instilling a clear message that Everybody matters.

After a fulfilling lunch break, we had the pleasure of listening to Hywel Roberts, a renowned teacher, writer, and presenter, who delved into the topic of botheredness and inspiration in the classroom. Hywel’s engaging presentation captivated our attention and invigorated our passion for teaching and working for young people. He shared anecdotes, practical examples, and thought-provoking ideas that reminded us of the magic that happens when we truly connect with our students. Hywel’s emphasis on being “bothered” about the education and well-being of our students sparked a renewed sense of purpose and reminded us of the immense privilege we have as educators.

The event became even more impactful as we were joined by three exceptional young students who graciously shared their personal experiences of education within the Trust and their collaboration with the Creativity Collaborative. Their unique perspectives offered a fresh and invaluable contribution to the event, leaving staff across the trust inspired and in awe of their delivery and unwavering confidence.

To finish the day some of our amazing music team, Laurie Smith, Paul Faithful and Pete Jones, led us in a sing-a-long which had everyone out of their seats singing and dancing, which made for a wonderfully uplifting end to the day.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the day was the celebration of our shared culture across all our schools. As part of a Trust, we are bound by a common vision and mission, and events like these reinforce our sense of community and collaboration. The day served as a remarkable platform for staff from diverse schools within the Trust to connect, exchange ideas, and learn from one another. This celebration of trust not only strengthens our network but also fosters a supportive environment that benefits both educators and students alike.

The #Formation, #Inspiration, and #Transformation event was a remarkable day for our Trust staff. It not only provided valuable professional development opportunities but also served as a celebration of our shared culture and commitment to excellence in education. The presentation by David Wells on formation brought us together and set the tone for the day, while Hywel Roberts’ talk on botheredness and inspiration reminded us of the transformative power we hold as educators. As we reflect on this memorable day, we are reminded of the incredible impact we can have on the lives of our students when we come together as a unified and inspired educational community.

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