On Thursday 8th September students from across the HFCMAT were invited to St Joseph’s Primary School, Birkenhead to explore the definition of creativity and to research what creativity means to them. 12 students from SJP attended as part of their role on the Junior Leadership team.

As a MAT we are focussing on how creativity is a fundamental asset to the learning and experiences of our young people. Our aim is to

  • equip pupils with the tools to learn independently.
  • inspire a love of learning.
  • embed a culture that enables learners to grow in resilience and embrace challenges.
  • empower learners to find new solutions.
  • prepare learners fully for our changing world.
Students commented that they found the experience worthwhile. Some of the benefits of the day the commented on included
‘It was a great opportunity to socialise with different people across the MAT and discuss the different learning opportunities available’
‘I have learned better communication skills by working with younger kids. I would recommend it again because it has taken me out of my comfort zone and now I am a lot more confident’

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