National Careers Week at St. Mary’s Catholic College was a vibrant celebration of possibilities and growth. The school’s commitment to students’ success was evident through a week filled with engaging activities geared towards shaping their professional paths. From ‘inspire time’ sessions to curriculum-linked lessons, students were encouraged to explore their strengths and interests, setting the stage for future career choices.

In a remarkable initiative by the HFCMAT Careers department, students from both secondaries within the Trust were recently treated to an eye-opening trip to Cambridge University. This experience was more than just a visit; it was an immersive opportunity for students to witness the journey to higher education up close. The trip to Cambridge sparked dreams and aspirations among the students, showcasing the power of exposure to top-tier educational institutions.

As part of the Trust’s ongoing efforts, our careers department consistently secures incredible opportunities for our students. These opportunities, like the Cambridge trip and National Careers Week, provide students with invaluable experiences that inspire them to reach for their full potential. The collaboration between our schools and our careers department continues to empower students, guiding them towards a future filled with endless possibilities and success.


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